GIBS Stiffy Stache & Mohawk Glue




Got problems keepin’ it up? Our new Stiffy ‘Stache and Mohawk Glue is the little blue pill your grooming routine is begging for. This dual-purpose, extreme hold adhesive is an erector set for your ‘stache and upper spikes, keepin’ your ridges rock hard until the sun comes up again.

Ginseng and Dragons Blood powers this dude glue, strengthening and stimulating limp, lifeless hair. White cedar and absinthe notes pour a stiff one right where you need it, at your Handlebar, while clove, black pepper and smoky tobacco seal the deal on this sniffable, lets get it on concoction.

Finger through your fur to coil that Dali just right or emulsify in your palms and tug through your man strands for the ultimate hard on for your hawk. When it comes to your grooming routine, don’t be a softie. It’s time to be a GIBS Guy and get stiffy.